E1FW Brass Cable Gland

E1FW Industrial Cable Gland


The E1 FWgland range is designed for both multi-armour captive cone, providing an armourclamp and earth bond for steel wire, Braid and Tape armoured cable, to anchor and earththe armour of armoured cable to provide an inner flameproofI increased safety seal and an outerwaterproof (to IP68) seal.

Features :

Two piece handling, no loose parts.
Freely rotating captive cone, providing an armour clamp and earth bond without twisting the steelwire armouring.
Seals on both the inner and outer sheaths to IP6611P67 Impact resistant.
Factory fitted elastometric seals for built in safety.

Standards :

BS 6121 Part 1:1989
Eex de lie by SIRA
Zone 1, 2, 21and 22

E1FW Industrial Cable Gland

We Manufacture E1W Brass Cable Gland as per Custom Specifications (Drawing and Samples)

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